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FunTyper Cornerstones

FunTyper is built on structured principles incorporating a multi-sensory approach ensuring each player achieves the following:-

  • The correct touch typing methodology
  • Building a touch typing muscle memory
  • Achieve a high level of touch typing accuracy
  • Effortless increment of touch typing speed

At each level, FunTyper verifies player skills have been fully mastered, including muscle memory, before unlocking the next level, allowing each player to experience and attain success. It’s this quality that makes FunTyper such a resounding success.


It is vital to note that the FunTyper system calculates and delivers an environment that is specifically tailored to an individual player’s ability. A player’s account should not be shared or ‘tried’ by anyone other than the player it has been assigned to.

Give your child a gift for life – touch typing.

Building a touch typing muscle memory will unquestionably enable your child to fully focus on the calibre of the content they produce rather than the content and its creation e.g. writing, speed, spelling etc.

Teach your child to touch type effectively and you will unlock their abilities, those that you inherently know they have. As a result both you and your child will experience results that are profound, immeasurable and contain infinite pluses

The reason FunTyper works for youngsters with educational requirements is the structured and innovative tracking method that FunTyper employs; it delivers a highly tailored environment that meets every child’s distinct requirements, maintain your child’s interest and excitement. So, challenges such as dyslexia or dyspraxia are no longer challenges!