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The user will be solely responsible for any damage done to the user’s computer or data loss due to the use of FunTyper.

User's right to use FunTyper is personal to the individual. FunTyper is provided to the user only and is not transferable. In this context, the user is not permitted to allow or enable the use of FunTyper by any other party than the user.

The user is hereby undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of their account and their password. The user is totally responsible for all actions which occur under the account.

The user agrees to provide accurate, complete, and current information in the registration. Also, the user grants FunTyper Ltd the right to disclose certain registration data to third parties. If any registration data is incorrect, FunTyper retains the right to terminate user's account, and the user’s right to use the service.

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The user agrees to indemnify FunTyper Ltd against liability for any and all use of user's account.

FunTyper Ltd reserves the right to modify or terminate its FunTyper service to the user with or without notice, which includes, but is not limited to updates, changes, or re-booting of the online FunTyper program.

In no event shall FunTyper Limited be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the installation of the use of our software. In no event does FunTyper Limited’s liability for any reason exceed the actual price paid for the licence.

FunTyper Ltd may change the terms and conditions of the disclaimer from time to time.

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